“MURS Drops a Bomb on the Hip-Hop World”

MURS Drops a Bomb on the Hip-Hop World with “Animal Style” Video

This video is so damn powerful, left me speechless with tears in my eyes. The entry below was written by Deshawn Timothy of Regal Zone. Pretty much sums up my feelings on it as well!


MURS Drops a Bomb on the Hip-Hop World with “Animal Style” Video

Whoa! I am flooded with indescribable emotion after watching the latest video from Los Angeles based rapper, MURS. “Animal Style”, with the courageousness of a million soldiers, invades the ears and eyes of listeners and viewers by painting a realistic portrait of the lives of two gay high school students.

I won’t spoil any of the scenes for ya’ll, just buckle up for the roller coaster of various mental states. I will say, however, with Frank Ocean letting the world know that he’s down with dudes, this music video is right on time. In a popular culture that alienates queers, period, it is beyond refreshing to see well known emcees like MURS to keep it hip-hop by discussing real shit. It is beyond refreshing to see artist like Frank Ocean open up in such a vicious industry.

Thank you MURS and Frank for being amazing!”

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