You Should Be Mine
I want you now, today, tomorrow, and forever
Will I stop loving you is the question? The answer; never
For a second I think I’m over you, but then I see you and my love grows stronger
You and I know we would make a good match, so why must we wait longer
I think your scared of the possibility of falling in love again
That’s why you’re keeping your distance because you don’t want to be hurt again
Look, I will protect you from harm, and keep you safe in my arms
When you’re down I will do my best to please you with my charm
Always protect you with my love and keep you close to me
When your really sick, even sick to where you can’t breathe
I’ll be right there helping you through it, just open your eyes I’ll be the first person you see
There with the wet wash clothes, medicine, blanket, all with me as I sit next to your bedside
Loosing money, taking days off from work, to be with you sunrise to your bedtime
Reading to you, nurturing you until you fall asleep
With all that done and said, my love for you is really really deep
And if you ever open the doors for me, you will be mine to keep

Poem Categories:

Lust & Hurt * Life * Friends & Family * Love & Relationships * Holiday & Special Occasions

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