Special Occasions

Happy Birthday
Was it this Sunday or last Sunday?
Sorry I forgot now I don’t know what to say
Knowing that your moving just makes me want to scream please stay
A new friend, best friend, seems like you are my new brother
All these years knowing you
And never even close to talking to you
Wish I could trace back time, don’t you?
Then I would have took the time out to stop and say hi
Or say you look familiar but that would be telling a white lie
Hopefully we’ll stay friends, and grow even closer in time
No matter what happens, you’ll always be in my mind
Your someone who can help me get through a rough day
Someone who will always be there, that’s why I had to take time to write this today
So I could drop a line and say
My good friend, good luck, and Happy Birthday

Will You Be My Loving Valentine
The first time our eyes met your blue eyes made my heart melt
Quiet when we first talked because I couldn’t describe the way I felt
But now I see you as someone close to me who would never betray my trust
I know I can say anything to you and it would just be between us
And if we were to take it further, I would never hurt you
Especially, knowing everything you’ve been through, I could never do that to you
It seems like you have a new problem everyday
If it were up to me I would take you to a peaceful island, so your worries could fade away
In addition, supply you with warmth and love, unconditionally
With all these thoughts in your mind, and on this day and time
Would you be mine, and be my loving Valentine?

Happy Valentines Day
I can’t believe I’m just meeting you
We’re so much alike it’s taboo
You’re like my twin, always reading my mind
I can tell, we’ll be like brothers until the end of time
You showed me the meaning of friendship within a couple weeks
Your one of my attractive friends that can use your looks to make me weak
But you also have that special personality that makes you so unique
Qualities have showed in you from the day I met you up to today
It was all verified when we were together the other day
It’s a miracle I have you in my life as a friend, to help me out, so therefore I can say
With all the brotherly love found in my heart Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Birthday
DFC aka Danny

We met on the 23rd of August 2003, yes I remember like it was yesterday
Little did I know, you would have such a big impact, and still be in my life today
Try to compare you to other friends but you’re not like them in any way
You have that advice no one else can give
Someone who knows my innocent intentions and
knows no harm was meant by whatever I did
We started to drift but now it seems we’re just as close again
Thinking back to our good and bad times
I can still remember that dreadful experience in my mind
Off to the ER you went, my heart as well
The seriousness of the situation no one could tell
Everyone was ready to leave while I wanted to stay
Didn’t know any word of condition until the next day
Deep down in my heart wanting this to just go away
It wasn’t until I saw you physically better that my heart came back to me
A chance that will never again be taken, not even a possibility
Time went by; things aren’t the same, we’re not the same ‘ol Bonnie N Clyde
We don’t hang out as much anymore and I don’t know why
I just know you’re the brother I never had before
My friend I would practically die for
All these memories to hold and many more to come
Another year passes, one year older but yet still young
I’ll be here every year on this same special day
With this smile you give me, from just talking to you on this day
Always caring for you in every way
Still here to say Danny Happy Birthday
Celebrating your presence in this world making everyone’s life complete
Feelings from deep down I express, not something that’s just sweet
Greatest thing to ever come my way
I’ve said enough I think you understand, with just one more thing I will say
Danny, my friend, Happy Birthday

August 10, 2004
Shane C. Rawlings

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Lust & Hurt * Life * Friends & Family * Love & Relationships * Holiday & Special Occasions

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