Friends & Family

Wishing & Wanting
As I lay here with your pillow in my arms,
I realize this is my new good luck charm
Try my best to stay happy but a couple tears won’t harm
Looking at the picture with us holding hands
Wishing you were here to see that gift from your fam
All I ask is one more night to hold you here
Let you know I’ll always be near
Protect you from all your greatest fears
I wanna tickle you again; see you smile and laugh
Just want you and I happy together
Wanted you here in my life forever

Dont want you to see me upset today
But it’s a bittersweet holiday
With your family for a cookout
You were all I could talk and think about
My hamp, my boo, my boy, my friend, my heart
Feel like it’s all torn apart
I don’t know where to go
So I just let life take me for a stroll
I know your helping me get through this pain
Your love is more strength I gain
I’m gonna keep talking to you
I’ll never leave you
Gonna try and sleep
Even if I continue to weep
Please lay beside me and let me know Im yours to keep

Shane C Rawlings © Added 6-15-09

Grew to be so Much More
I use to want you to be mine
But now we’re such good friends that it won’t happen again in this lifetime
Your my close one, someone who I will be there for 24 seven
Die for you just so we can be together in heaven
Blue eyes, dreamy, You would think I still want you
Never now with our uniqueness, ruining our friendship would be just careless
The hell with our past along with the future no matter what we’ll always be by each others side
We will help each other out and manage to stay alive
No worry about breaking up or a negative relationship,
Because we just have that closeness no one else we’ll ever see and that’s our beautiful friendship

Things Do Work Out
I look in your eyes, thinking to myself…..why
Why must I see my new best friend in your eyes?
When I first met you I wanted to scream goodbye
Just sit in my room and fatally cry
You messed with my heart without even knowing he was the lucky guy
Now that’s all aside, while I see you for whom you are
A nice boy who could become my good friend
Be there like few others until the end
If we do develop a friendship, I will be going against everything I said
But all honestly that was just jealously because you tricked my love into bed

Whom I Think Of
You are my world, my everything
My to do list, recent calls, latest downfalls, to sum it up my all
First thing on my mind in the morning and last at night
Made for each other or love at first sight.
A connection as strong as rays of sunlight
Hard to believe I’m not being deceived
No it’s the gift of love I receive.
My partner in crime, my unclaimed love
Can you step up to the plate and tell me who I’m thinking of?

Let’s Amend

Yeah I admit it, I said some fucked up shit
I know I was wrong, it hurt you, but you don’t have to admit it
I’m not going to lie, at the time I did mean it
I look at what good it caused, just to see it was selfish
We talked again, I didn’t think we would
You smiled at least, i didn’t think you could
It seems like we on good terms now, yeah I’m happy too
I missed you in a way, No I really did miss you
So now what, what do we do
Start all over from the beginning, and start brand new?
Maybe so, yes so, from this point on stay true
Lets block this from memory, shall we?
Grow better friends than we even were, just you and me

My Mother
My mother, my confident, my soul within deep
The thought of losing you makes me weep
Who would I go to for advice?
Who would tell me to clean my room more than twice?
You can’t leave me, not when you know I’m alone
You and Dad are all I have, the foundation in my home
Who will I go to the movies with?
All these questions I can’t stand it
Please tell me that lump doesn’t mean your dying
Mom, stay with me here, help me stop crying
I need you to help me get through this harsh world
One day even watch my little baby girl
I can’t talk any more
I have nothing to say
Except I love you and I don’t need you today, I need you everyday

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