Time For Change
Last night I came to a realization
That I don’t need you or anyone to get through life
I’m going to be just fine, with hard times, I’ll still get by
Time wasted with crying, partying too much
I just think and I can only sigh
How did I manage to almost destroy my well being?
I was blind, and my love for you is what kept me from seeing
Now I’m set to follow my dream
So all the negativity from now on must leave

Should I….
Why Do People call me names
Maybe I am the problem and,
Should be put to blame
Should I let my friends put me down
Brush it off and be a class clown
Should I wear name brand clothes
To please my hometown
Should I pay attention
To the little man in my mind
Or should I listen to my friends
And peers all the time
Should I do this
Should I do that
When I make new friends,
Should I change the way I act
Should I be happy and brave
Should I party all night and go to raves
Should I stop asking people
To make my own decisions
I Think I should

Poem Categories:

Lust & Hurt * Life * Friends & Family * Love & Relationships * Holiday & Special Occasions

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