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I Do Love You So
The love you gave me
Makes me feel so sweet and complete
When we talk my knees get weak
I have a need to talk to you everyday
And when I don’t I’m quiet with no words to say
You are my love, my passion, my soul
I’m crazy for loving you is what I’m told
Maybe I’m going un-noticed and should be more bold
But for now still thinking of you I have to go
I must end this by saying, “I do and I will always love you so”

You Are My Life
Words can’t express how I love you and I’ll forever yearn
You could break my heart a thousand times but yet I will never learn
Everyday I will yearn for you until I actually have you
The more I think, I think of you
I can’t get the picture of you far, and clear from view
Wow I never felt this before in my life
If I were a cat I would give you all 9 years of my immortal life
Just picturing you makes my heart burst
Touching me makes me even worse
You, I can never go without
One day with no words just makes me sad and I begin to pout
Because loving you is what my life is all about

I know you have to make this move to a place so far away
19 hours between us, I will be hurt day by day
Living without you during the months July through December
Fading memories of you I will try so hard to remember
Although, keep in mind we will never be apart
If you need me just reach deep down in your heart
You can make a phone call to your home away from home
Write an email letter, or better yet I’ll buy a plane ticket and you can just fly home
This move may be what you want or it may not
Whatever the case, you will always have a place in my life

You Took Half
This move to the F.L. is going to hurt you the most which is understandable
The hurt that it will cause me and the breakdown I will have is what’s truly unbelievable
Looking for someone for so long, gave up just in time to find someone compatible
Didn’t take long to find out you’re leaving
This just puts me back where I started all alone, and grieving
We’ll both miss the loving friendship, the passion, and moments we share
Which I will never be able to show you just how much I care
The touching, the feeling, the kissing, the kneading, was all worth while never once misleading
Same personality, same inner feelings
Far away, but near always just call on me to come and start healing
I have cried , but as of yet I haven’t died
It won’t be until you leave when I will take my last breath and sigh
My heart is divided into two, incomplete as of the month of June
Why you ask; I answer, one half is with me and the other is with you

Away From Me
The distance seems like it is growing further away
Be lucky talking to you once a week knowing it use to be everyday
Longing for you to be here with me to make it through this hell
Doesn’t look like this is possible, unless you are the buyer of my soul to sell
My actions can only show you how much I love
Tears of emotion come to my eyes, every time it’s you I’m thinking of
Memories are all we have which will never fade
Keep in touch, we’ll just get closer as we get older in age
To look on one side of things, this feeling of missing you I really hate
If you would just come back to me, maybe even live with me, that would be just great
But that’s the impossible or at least it seems to be
Your in Florida going to college
I’m in Pennsylvania going to High school
In the cold with the heater on the ledge
While your in paradise, hot everyday going swimming in the pool
Come to the realization that this is where you should be
Family is there, but you have friends here and you can start a family with me

A Closed Book
My love was known soon after I met you
You said the same once I started dating you
Relationship was going too well
Although I knew something, maybe a secret was being withheld
For sometime I did ignore this matter, and just love you for who you are
It became a problem when you were quiet and the distance between us grew far
So I took a moment to ask why the sudden change
You said it was time to open another chapter in our life, and we were turning the page
With no hesitation the problem was found
That instant was like when you first knew
Because my life was turned upside down
We faced decisions like no other
Never even thought of leaving you for another
You were still that important person in my life
Scared and a little ignorant to A.I.D.S. I kept you by my side at night
Then the day came, you were in the hospital and in the bed you lay
The doctor took me into the other room and told me this is your lover’s last day
I came back into your room, and you could read my mind by seeing my tears
You told me I would be ok and to just think of all the happy years
You said “I love you” and your eyes slowly closed
I felt as if I was going to fall to the ground, crying,
Because I knew there were no more chapters and the book just closed

It’s Official
I was thinking about the word love
As I looked at the sky above
It was so peaceful with all the doves
Thinking what the word meant to you
So, I went through all the things we do
It seems we connect in some kind way
So, it’s official that I love you every day
I hope you return my love someday
So we can stay together always

You Should Be Mine
I want you now, today, tomorrow, and forever
Will I stop loving you is the question? The answer; never
For a second I think I’m over you, but then I see you and my love grows stronger
You and I know we would make a good match, so why must we wait longer
I think your scared of the possibility of falling in love again
That’s why you’re keeping your distance because you don’t want to be hurt again
Look, I will protect you from harm, and keep you safe in my arms
When you’re down I will do my best to please you with my charm
Always protect you with my love and keep you close to me
When your really sick, even sick to where you can’t breathe
I’ll be right there helping you through it, just open your eyes I’ll be the first person you see
There with the wet wash clothes, medicine, blanket, all with me as I sit next to your bedside
Loosing money, taking days off from work, to be with you sunrise to your bedtime
Reading to you, nurturing you until you fall asleep
With all that done and said, my love for you is really really deep
And if you ever open the doors for me, you will be mine to keep

Is There Truly One?
Thinking of us being together
How good it would be, makes me want to pursue you further
I know in advance its good because one impression from you impressed my mother
It looks as if you’re the package I’ve been waiting for, everything I want all in one
Makes me think about the future, love, and the big question “Are You the One?”
I can paint a picture in my mind of us two
Of us old and gray, and me being sweet taking care of you
Maybe its actually fate we began to talk
Maybe its fate that we’re supposed to go down the wedding aisle together and walk
But something is holding me back from taking another step
It’s knowing that you’ll soon be out of my reach
But just the fact you will still care, will keep me stress free and clear on my feet
Weekend visits will keep our love fired up with heat
But weekly nights without you will be the time I most weep
I don’t know maybe we should cut off contact as we speak
Because as we speak my feelings are getting stronger and I’m becoming vulnerable
I wish we could just avoid the subject, why don’t we just both lie to each other and say were unavailable

A Wish
We were at the movies; I was relaxed with my arm on the arm rest
Then you moved your arm which bumped into mine
Making my heart start beating heavily through my chest
At that instant I was shocked by a wave of electricity up my spine
Realizing I’m in denial, and ever since I wrote that poem on Valentine’s Day
I’ve wanted you to be mine
As I grew with passion and heat
Fantasies filled my mind and I laid back feeling uncomfortable in my seat
Telling myself “Just a Friend” “Just a Friend” “Nothing More”
But as I keep taking advice I want you even more
When we were pacing through the mall, and I was scared and nervous walking
You eased my nerves when we were sitting
At the table you eating, me drinking, and us talking
I might have been a little uptight
But when we were side by side
During the movie I wanted to be with you all night
I have visions of you, and moments I just can’t clear out of sight
Eleven o’clock on the dot and time to make a wish
“Let the night never end, and if it must let’s end it with one everlasting kiss”

If you only knew how I fell in love with your closeness
Your touch, your smile, your warmth, your kindness
One who cares so much and never leaves me “alone”
Now gone, I need to leave and find my new home
My confident in which you are still in my heart and cant let you go
This love I keep for you, a secret that lies within, you will never know
Trying not to forget the last moments of
When I last saw you, but yet fading slowly
My heart melting as memories fade, hard to swallow
Tears begin to trickle down my face slightly
With one call, I break and fall to the floor
Grab my pillow for comfort, unable to control the cries
Hoping no one hears me I lock my bedroom door
You’ll read this soon, and think these are such nice thoughts
Not realizing its about you, one of the few that have made an impression on me
But maybe, possibly you will come to the realization
Of everything put 2 and 2 together, and know I need you with me

You Still Have No Idea
Every time I see your face, I fall in love
every time I hear your voice, I fall in love
How can you not know whom I speak of?
I picture you learning this secret and
become as white as a dove
Unstoppable laughter with embarrassment on both parts
Walk away from each other with halves of my heart
Do you know how much I care? Can you let me know?
Maybe if you just wink an eye, I can learn to let go
I’ll be able to move on knowing you see
you see the real me, one who will never betray thee
Is this possible, love in a friendship in such a strong way?
My feelings are so strong; they could fight anyone trying to hurt you any day
You still have no idea, that every time I see your face, I fall in love
every time I hear your voice, I fall in love
Your every moment, every time, every place,
You’re my life and that’s everything I can possibly think of

A Need To Express
I’m going to express my feelings to you
It’s just something I got to do
Letting you know, when we chill its all about you
I know you got all these other boys whipped
But you and I have a friendship, it isn’t like that shit
Remember when I barely knew you, had problems with your dad, and I invited you to stay at my house
I never did that before, I was even willing to give you my bed, and I would take the couch
I don’t know what it is, maybe that sparkle in your eyes
Or your nice firm chest and thighs
First night I was introduced to you, your smile could have took me away
Thinking of the right time to say all this, why not on your birthday
Make you feel warm inside, feel good about life
Never want you to disappear, always be a presence in my life
I’m feelin’ your vibe; I want you to be mine

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