STALKER 8/3 BEATPORT! Stalker Story here


Stalker is now available on Beatport with remixes. The remixes are by Blackdrum, Eddie Martinez, Midnight Society, Erik Elias, and DJ Uch. Also the original mix is available of course by DJ Case. It’s like a dream come true being with Soundgroove. I looked up to them when I was first getting into house music. I got my own Midnight Society and Erik Elias remix! I feel like a groupie lol. Truth is, I am very fond of them after working with them. In addition, having a couple nights out with them at KeyBar. Very humble and great individuals.

The story of Stalker:

Stalker has two sides. Hope you don’t think I’m crazy when I explain this. I wrote Stalker based on myself and others. Most of us have definitely had those moments where we took it a little to far finding out where our boyfriend or girlfriend is. Coming to a point where you don’t trust the person, so you drive by the house to see if their car is parked. You don’t see the car so you take it further going to their best friend’s house etc. Maybe even the boy you obsess about, you have his address or phone number; when you know you shouldn’t. Facebook status updates and you see the location lol. Shit like that, really is the story behind Stalker. The base of my obsession in the past and others obsession. I promise you, I’m not like the way I used to be! LOL! HA! Made a good song though right? Make sure you pick up a copy of STALKER today on beatport.

Each week leading up to the video, I will be posting a snippet of each remix until I surprise you with the release of the full video

Stalker Music Video Trailer

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