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SugurTalk; Can’t Turn a Hoe Into a Housewife

Sugur Talk starts with a nice sweet drunk introduction with Shawna and Shane. Bad service at the diner as usual at 4am in the morning. Just a fun intro, as we inform you we have upgraded our Sugur Talk with some new HD equipment for your viewing pleasure. We then introduce our newest guest Jamal! Jamal is a very good friend of mine, and he wanted to spill the latest tea. He doesn’t hold back at all. Apparently a whore was going around spreading rumors about him. So we blast him on this episode, JUICE! Ending this Sugur Talk with some Sugur Shane exclusives!

Special thanks to my friend Jamal for coming on our show! Sure he will be back
very soon! Stay tuned for that!

Pay attention to the statistics in this video. It’s very dangerous in this area.
It seems a common thing is for everyone to fuck each other in a tight circle of
friends or ex’s. Its disgusting, one minute someone’s fucking his ex here and
then his ex there without protection mind you! KNOW YOUR STATUS, GET TESTED! I guess when your head gets so big thinking everyone wants you, you literally fuck
EVERYONE! Keep it cute ladies and gentlemen.

This video is owned by Sugur Shane. All content belongs to me, don’t try it.

SugurTalk; Tragic Tea!


Sugur Shane & DT talk about being tragic. Mindf*cking men and just having fun with a little sexting.Facebook relationships which are displayed all over the internet for friends and family to see. How mature are you being about your relationship; when you are posting about every single detail on Facebook? Last but not least Sugur Shane is tired of these men who can’t be upfront and forward about what they want!

SugurTalk: Shit Happens! w/ Co-host Angelo

Not only does Sugur Shane have his drama, but his friend Angelo (MizZaW0ckee) also has his drama! And GUESS WHAT! its with the youngin’s go figure right? So karma is a bitch, and what goes around comes around. Listen to his story and give us your advice and opinions on this tragic situation he has been in. I have learned to take Lou’s advice and keep my distance from the youngsters! Not good for the soul but Angelo will learn in time, maybe from the 18y/o who knows?

Stay Tuned for more Drama from Lou & I!

Angelo’s youtube


Honey you should not be in the streets smelling like ass! Sugur Shane & Christina going off about a person in the mall smelling like ass and catching an attitude! Previews Coming Up Angelo & Sugur Shane, Lou & Sugur Shane Episodes Coming!

Sugur Talk “Fatal Attraction” (ITs that AGE thing again!)

Sugur Shane & Lou talk about Sugurs latest tragic fatal attraction event he has come into contact! A MESS! Lou brings up the age factor again, but is it really age though? THIS NIGGA WAS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

SUGURTALK; Outhiphop Stereotype & Not Your Average Out Artist!

Sugur Shane & DT in Center City getting our life. DRUNK BOOTZ DOWN! lol. We reppin
Philly all day aint no room for any other rappers GET INTO IT! No commercial hiphop here
like DT says must be a WEST COAST THING!


Sugur Shane & DT in Center City getting our life. DRUNK BOOTZ DOWN! lol. We reppin
Philly all day aint no room for any other rappers GET INTO IT! No commercial hiphop here
like DT says must be a WEST COAST THING!

SUGURTALK; Tiger Woods Scandal Discussion

Sugurtalk Discusses the whole situation surrounding Tiger Woods. Two different point of views on this one! Although Lou has a lot to say! He is NOT holding back! lol. We even play one of the voicemails lol.

SUGURTALK; Dating Younger Guys Part Three of 3

Explain the benefits of knowing where your toy lives. Why you shouldn’t give us the busy note.
Then I go into why I liked him so much sounds superficial. There was more to it then what I get to.
I go into my fantasy guy a lil bit. Fantasy guys get me in trouble.

SUGURTALK; Dating Younger Guys Part Two of 3

Sugurtalk finishes about dating younger guys. Im kind over it but really still like this guy 🙁 Lou gives advice and tells me to leave it ALONE!

SUGURTALK; Dating Younger Guys Part 1 Lookout for Part 2

Sugurtalk addresses the new issue in Philly! Younger guys with more swagga than older guys. Sugur Shane & Lou are now facing this issue in America. Its very distracting and makes us worry that we might be cougars. AHHHHHHHHH!!! Sugur talks about a recent date and Lou gives ad

SUGURTALK; Rihanna 20/20 Special

Sugurtalk voices their opinion on the Rihanna special with Diane. Sugur Shane & Lou share thoughts on domestic violence. Also speak on chris brown as an individual.


Sugurtalk explains how Sugur Shane’s song “I…..Ur BoyFriend” came about and the meaning of it. Vintage Sugurtalk from the archives before Benjamin Franklin gave us light! The most infamous shadiest sugurtalk ever recorded! Live at 12th air nightclub March of 2007. The video is very dark so listen in! This is THE SHADE! and WE ARE BACK! Narrator is Donovan with Sugur Shane & Mykel, Cosigners Chase & Lamar

SUGURTALK; Embarrassed By Your Friend’s Race?

Sugur Shane, Melissa, And Shawna are at it again! This time we discuss the racial issues we still have this day and age. Its unbelievable, that even someone you could consider your very good friend to have an issue with your race. How does that even work out? How can you be embarrassed by your friends race?

SUGURTALK; Braid my Hair while we throw Shade lol

Shawna braiding my hair for the equality forum the next day so I can look cute.
It was shade because I was going to see a couple that I basically homewrecked.
Slept with his boyfriend, oops my bad! He found out by my videos!!! haa!

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