Le1f – Wut (Official Video) <-- shit cray!

Le1f – Wut (Official Video)

Came across this video from one of my close friends. This is video was a shock to me to see something done different. All the ideas I have been putting together, some consist of this. It’s a great marketing strategy for a great song and artist! A lot of artist now, turn their video into looking like a straight hiphop hood video, which Leif did the totally opposite. I call this art at it’s greatest. Between the scenes of the dancers and him dancing on a white boy’s lap, it’s giving me everything. Although it may be a little bold for it to be accepted into the hiphop culture. These boundaries need to be pushed, if the average nigga can do it, then we can too! WHAT THE FUCK! Hope this video blows up in all the niggas faces. High doubts it won’t but high hopes it will. Nice to see someone be true to themselves as an artist instead of holding back because of society. ANYWAY check out the video below.

You can download his mixtape here at the fader.com

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