Sugur Shane Features on DeShawn Timothy’s Mixtape!

DeShawn Timothy calls on Sugur Shane for a remix of “Jumpman” and “Be Real”

DeShawn Timothy’s latest mixtape is available online for streaming in full!

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Sugur Shane & Astronomar – Take It Music Video & Free Download

“Hot off the presses, a fresh original from Main Course co-founder, Astronomar, and one of Philadelphia’s longest standing queer musician, Sugur Shane, is revisiting classic vogue themes while playing up some unconventional lyrical content. Of course, unconventional and groundbreaking have been the pair’s primary sources of inspiration…..”

Read more here on Earmilk

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Sugur Shane Premieres his new music video Kill Da Bitch on

Sugur Shane drops his Kill Da Bitch Music Video Premiering on

“Pairing Philly hip-hop sensibilities with house-inspired beats, Sugur Shane delights in defying classification.

The title track off the animated rapper’s new Kill Da Bitch EP reflects this indefinable approach, layering chopped vocal snippets and searing rap verses over grumbling synth bass and stuttered four-to-the-floor beats.

“’Kill Da Bitch’ was from the My Night with Junior mixtape, and the goal with that project was to recreate the classic ballroom sound with a new twist, something a bit different from what the ballroom scene is used to hearing,” says Shane. “The track is a battle track, and when we battle it’s all about show and tell, taking tricks and forms and moves to the next level.” And despite the title, there’s no misogyny intended: The out-and-proud rapper’s song refers to it being a vogue battle anthem.

Watch the full premiere of the track’s music video exclusively on Billboard:

Shane directed the high-octane music video with Harry Paris and Sage Caswell and says the clip was intended to impart the visceral energy and excitement inherent to Philadelphia’s underground ballroom scene.

“We threw a party to shoot this video, it was a little mini ball with performances in Old City, Philadelphia,” says Shane. “There was no rehearsal, no story line, just a display of how Philly really vogues. Everyone is so stuck on the New York scene, so we wanted to portray what a ball in Philly is really like.”

Sugur Shane’s Kill Da Bitch EP is now available through Main Course on iTunes and SoundCloud.”


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Sugur Shane Premieres Kill Da Bitch on Complex

Check out the latest on Complex with Sugur Shane

“You might find it difficult to stand still while listening to “Kill Da Bitch,” Sugur Shane’s pounding new single. The Complex premiere of the track comes a day before his EP release of the same name. Hopefully the four additional songs on that project match this effort’s wild intensity. Though Shane might not ring a bell, the house-influenced rapper has been crushing tracks and club rooms for more than a decade now.

Blacking out over a dynamic beat, this Philly spitter also doubles as a DJ. Thanks to flurried vocal samples, heavy bass and upbeat drums, Shane proves himself more than capable of moving a crowd. Stream “Kill Da Bitch” below and pre-order Shane’s Kill Da Bitch EP on iTunes, out on Main Course tomorrow (August 12). ”


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Sugur Shane’s Kill Da Bitch EP Artwork & Preview Revealed OUT 8/12

Kill Da Bitch can mean many things, but at the end of that day if you aren’t Killin Da Bitch, you may as well stay home and snuggle with a body pillow. On “Kill Da Bitch”, Sugur Shane lunges at you like an upset puma, spitting acid & clawing you to shreds with his rapid and cunty flow. The bass rumbles, the crashes deliver enough impact to shatter your mom’s fine China, and the levels of shade are at dangerous levels. How’d this battle turn into a fight?! On the flip side we finally see the release of “Buddah VS Sugur”, which was famously played by Total Freedom at Hood By Air’s showcase finale during 2014’s New York Fashion Week. The chants and stabs guide you while the distant air horns shriek at you drawing you into the circle at the center of the dance floor.This is the definition of a Vogue battle anthem. The EP is complimented by remixes from New Orleans natives Kid Kamillion & Jesse Slayter, Team Supreme’s power house Colta and M.O.D.’s #1 shooter Lil Texas.

Shane currently resides in Philly and draws heavily from 90’s dance music and hip hop, citing Gillete & Notorious B.I.G. as some of his major influences. The touted Butch Queen is a staple at Balls & Vogue nights up & down the East Coast, and is proceeded by his long list of collaborators & supporters including scene purveyors like Tom Stephan, Evian Christ, L-Vis 1990, Sam Tiba, Dubbel Dutch, Jubilee, Mike Q and Vjjuan Allure.. and thats just the tip of the iceberg. Shane truly possesses a very unique and animated delivery previously unseen. If you don’t recognize the realness, shade on you.


01. Kill Da Bitch
02. Buddah vs Sugur
03. Kill Da Bitch (Colta Remix)
04. Buddah Vs Sugur (Kid Kamillion vs Jesse Slayter Remix)
05. Kill Da Bitch (Lil Texas Remix)

For Licensing or press enquiries:

Kill Da Bitch EP

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The Krueger Project (Sugur Shane & Krueger)

The Krueger Project Part One

Sugur Shane

Smut (Original Mix)
Oh You Mad (NJ Drone Mix)


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Sugur Shane Performance Opening for Big Freedia (Video)

Here’s the video from the latest performance

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Got Rush Entertainment has launched!

Got Rush Entertainment has launched!

Got Rush Ent. is a division of Sugur Rush. Sugur Shane has been building his brand year by year. Managing his own photoshoots to recording in his own studio. Time has come to help others build their brand as I have. Got Rush consists of four members, Sugur Shane, DJ Shocker, DJ Get Em, and Jei of Modifly Graphics.

Services we currently offer:
DJ. Photography. Videography. Studio Rental & Production.

Locations we service?
Kern County, CA
Philadelphia & the Tri-State Area
Berks County
We will travel too

For all and any inquiries please contact us at

You can check out the facebook here

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SugurTalk; Can’t Turn a Hoe Into a Housewife

SugurTalk; Can’t Turn a Hoe Into a Housewife

Sugur Talk starts with a nice sweet drunk
introduction with Shawna and Shane. Bad service at the diner as usual
at 4am in the morning. Just a fun intro, as we inform you
we have upgraded our Sugur Talk with some new HD equipment for your
viewing pleasure. We then introduce our newest guest Jamal! Jamal is a very good
friend of mine, and he wanted to spill the latest tea. He doesn’t hold back at all.
Aparently a whore was going around spreading rumors about him. So we blast him
on this episode, JUICE! Ending this Sugur Talk with some Sugur Shane exclusives!

Special thanks to my friend Jamal for coming on our show! Sure he will be back
very soon! Stay tuned for that!

Pay attention to the statistics in this video. It’s very dangerous in this area.
It seems a common thing is for everyone to fuck each other in a tight circle of
friends or ex’s. Its disgusting, one minute someone’s fucking his ex here and
then his ex there without protection mind you! KNOW YOUR STATUS, GET TESTED! I guess when your head gets so big thinking everyone wants you, you literally fuck
EVERYONE! Keep it cute ladies and gentlemen.

This video is owned by Sugur Shane. All content belongs to me, don’t try it.

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Meek Mill screams at a pastor on the radio ! / My take on the screaming rat

Meek Mill screams at a pastor on the radio ! and tells him he would have paid him off!

You probably know that was a supporter of Meek Mill‘s music when he first came on the scene. After listening for a while, it started to sound all the same; he never switches it up. Same beats, same flow, and the lyrical content is not the best either. Just giving you a fair warning before you read the rest, yes I am probably bias. Recently Meek Mill called into the radio to defend his music to a pastor who is boycotting his song Amen. Basically turned into a screaming match with himself. Listen to the audio below and let me know what you think. Here’s my take on the situation and Meek Mill himself.

I side with Meek but to an extent. First of all the reason I side with Meek is simply for the fact that I believe this pastor is very fame thirsty. On the other hand Meek was very childish about it and couldn’t use a sophisticated word to save his life. He doesn’t make sense in anything he is saying. Screaming on the air at a PASTOR is not going to get your point across. He states that if the pastor wanted money all he had to do is ask for it?!?! Are you serious Meek? You’re stating that you would just pay him off basically. Let’s be real, your album will probably never hit stores and if it does it will bomb. Enjoy the money while you have it. You can tell how big Meek’s head got by listening to the things he is saying. You have not made any history yet for philly artists, yet you run around here like you are the king. I seriously think you came out the sewer along with the rest of the philly rats. And to the pastor, girl sit down! You just doing this to get more followers or fame or whatever! THIS WHOLE THING IS STUPID!

“Meek Mill & Pastor Jomo K Johnson Argue On Radio Over ‘Amen.’ Pastor Calls For Boycott”

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