Meek Mill screams at a pastor on the radio ! / My take on the screaming rat

Meek Mill screams at a pastor on the radio ! and tells him he would have paid him off!

You probably know that was a supporter of Meek Mill‘s music when he first came on the scene. After listening for a while, it started to sound all the same; he never switches it up. Same beats, same flow, and the lyrical content is not the best either. Just giving you a fair warning before you read the rest, yes I am probably bias. Recently Meek Mill called into the radio to defend his music to a pastor who is boycotting his song Amen. Basically turned into a screaming match with himself. Listen to the audio below and let me know what you think. Here’s my take on the situation and Meek Mill himself.

I side with Meek but to an extent. First of all the reason I side with Meek is simply for the fact that I believe this pastor is very fame thirsty. On the other hand Meek was very childish about it and couldn’t use a sophisticated word to save his life. He doesn’t make sense in anything he is saying. Screaming on the air at a PASTOR is not going to get your point across. He states that if the pastor wanted money all he had to do is ask for it?!?! Are you serious Meek? You’re stating that you would just pay him off basically. Let’s be real, your album will probably never hit stores and if it does it will bomb. Enjoy the money while you have it. You can tell how big Meek’s head got by listening to the things he is saying. You have not made any history yet for philly artists, yet you run around here like you are the king. I seriously think you came out the sewer along with the rest of the philly rats. And to the pastor, girl sit down! You just doing this to get more followers or fame or whatever! THIS WHOLE THING IS STUPID!

“Meek Mill & Pastor Jomo K Johnson Argue On Radio Over ‘Amen.’ Pastor Calls For Boycott”

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