SugurTalk; Can’t Turn a Hoe Into a Housewife

SugurTalk; Can’t Turn a Hoe Into a Housewife

Sugur Talk starts with a nice sweet drunk
introduction with Shawna and Shane. Bad service at the diner as usual
at 4am in the morning. Just a fun intro, as we inform you
we have upgraded our Sugur Talk with some new HD equipment for your
viewing pleasure. We then introduce our newest guest Jamal! Jamal is a very good
friend of mine, and he wanted to spill the latest tea. He doesn’t hold back at all.
Aparently a whore was going around spreading rumors about him. So we blast him
on this episode, JUICE! Ending this Sugur Talk with some Sugur Shane exclusives!

Special thanks to my friend Jamal for coming on our show! Sure he will be back
very soon! Stay tuned for that!

Pay attention to the statistics in this video. It’s very dangerous in this area.
It seems a common thing is for everyone to fuck each other in a tight circle of
friends or ex’s. Its disgusting, one minute someone’s fucking his ex here and
then his ex there without protection mind you! KNOW YOUR STATUS, GET TESTED! I guess when your head gets so big thinking everyone wants you, you literally fuck
EVERYONE! Keep it cute ladies and gentlemen.

This video is owned by Sugur Shane. All content belongs to me, don’t try it.

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