Triggering AF!

When you grow up without a family it seems to me that’s all you strive for. I’ve always wanted a family of my own that I could take care of. For some reason it has not yet happened for me. I see former best friends of mine getting married; getting engaged. In the actual industry not high school friends. It honestly is triggering. All I’ve worked on is to have just THAT, perception maybe? The great life. A Family. A career. At the same time still doing my music and pushing myself to be the ultimate dream. It took me a long time to grow into my own and learn lessons. Or maybe I’m just too all over the place focusing on a million things at once. I’m honestly happy for the people that used to be in my life and seeing them at their best. I wish I could be there but my mistakes haunt me forever. It would take a great deal to get them back in my life. I don’t blame them. With that in mind, I’m still thankful my circle is very tight and small. I guess thats it for today. A first of many journal entries. Look at covid, getting me to write lol.

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